About Us

Welcome to Health Experience Project, our inVentiv Health Communications blog making good on our commitment to understanding and innovating in the fast-changing marketplace. It’s built for healthcare marketers who want to advance ideas and experiences that help more people live healthier, longer lives.

Our coverage is rooted in:

  • Shifting expectations: Data, research and stories about what people expect from healthcare marketing and experience today
  • Brand actions: Case studies and examples that show how brands inside and outside of healthcare are earning time, attention and loyalty
  • Current realities: Insight into the important political and regulatory shifts that change the context and content of healthcare communications
  • New experiences: Highlights and previews of the newest experiences of health and healthcare

Our goals are simple: educate and energize.

Co-located in New York, London and Columbus, our team has experience across nearly every aspect of healthcare marketing and design.  We are obsessively curious experts who gather insights and perspectives throughout inVentiv Health and our industry to continuously uncover what matters most right now.

Please join our search for and our conversation about what’s next in healthcare. Contact us with your ideas and comment on our stories. The future of healthcare is ours to create.

About inVentiv Health Communications

inVentiv Health Communications is a purpose-built collective of agencies that works across disciplines and geographies to deliver integrated communications strategies for health and biopharmaceutical innovators seeking to accelerate brand performance. Together, our communications teams’ connectivity across the clinical and commercial lifecycle is driving a new era of more innovative and accountable marketing. inVentiv Health Communications is powered by inVentiv Health, a 15,000-employee global professional services organization designed to help the biopharmaceutical industry shorten the distance from lab to life.