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New Report: Sales Rep Trends and Best Practices

Columbus, OH — Earlier this summer, I had a great conversation with Matt Cash, an ambitious innovator who has designed everything from better sales tools to more addictive sports fantasy games. He started the conversation with a big challenge: We have to find a better way to arm the salesforce. “One thing I saw over and over again in the field,” he said, “was the disconnect between corporate marking and the real world (sales). There is not enough time to use the digital assets in the way the marketing teams believe — these reps get one or two minutes with doctors.”

So, a team of us got together and asked: What could be? If we really got close to the trends changing the salesforce, what new experiences and new best practices could we uncover?


Working with colleagues around the world, we uncovered 11 healthcare trends that are changing the world of pharma sales – from doctors becoming less central to healthcare to a new global center of opportunity in Asia-Pac to evolving multi-media expectations from physicians. Looking at that landscape led us to new best practices for pharma sales as well as five emerging opportunities – from on-the-go learning to a packaged sale that brings together diagnostics with treatment and proven support.

Soon this report will require registration to view, but we’re excited to share it first with HxP readers. We hope you’ll challenge our thinking and help us continue this conversation about just what kind of experience we should be creating for the frontlines.

Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments or contact us directly at leigh.householder@gsw-w.com.

Original illustration by: David Wink

Posted by: Leigh Householder