A chair in a room with brick walls with bookshelves built into it

Forget mobile, the future may be furniture

Cambridge, MA — If there’s one person almost everyone in pharmaceutical marketing has met, it’s David Rose. He’s a researcher MIT’s media labs, but more importantly, he’s the inventor of Glow Caps, the smart medicine caps and packages that deliver ambient (and sometimes interruptive) reminders to take a medication.

Rose’s newest passion is something a little bigger – it’s your entire house. He and his collaborators are building prototypes for enchanted furniture.


You can take a peek at some of his prototypes in this SlideShare. Each embeds an app and tools in everday objects. The question will be: How do you update it ? And not be the family with the weird old Friendster table?

Posted by: Leigh Householder

photo credit: Wickerfurniture via photopin cc