Google Aims To Find What Health Looks Like

Mountain View, CA —In an effort to identify diseases earlier, Google is looking to identify the true definition of what it means to be in good health by using data, their enormous computing resources and an all-star research team led by Dr. Andrew Conrad. The research, named the Baseline Study, is establishing a baseline of a fully healthy human at the molecular level. By having this information, Google hopes to be able to detect diseases before they become life altering.

This proactive versus reactive approach will utilize the huge advancements of genomic mapping technology to identify any concerns. This unidentifiable information, combined with genetic history, holistic behaviors and natural reactions, will provide the baseline details that medical providers can use to diagnose any possible abnormalities that identify disease.

As patients are becoming actively involved in their own health discussion, Google is planning on including data from self tracking devices to be able to paint the entire picture. And while Google is taking giant steps into this space, they aren’t the only ones. Apple and Samsung have also announced initiatives to gather and track our health data.

We’re interested to know what you think. Would you be willing to share your health data if it meant preventing disease? How does your health history and willingness to share data, identifiable and unidentifiable, affect this decision?

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Posted By: Mike Martins