Identifying HCPs By Name at Your Website

Identifying HCPs by Name at Your Website

EyeForPharma, Philadelphia—David Reim, Chief Product Officer at DMD, started his #efpphilly talk with the big question: why are sales reps still the gold standard of physician engagement?

Reim thinks it’s all about identity. That reps know the doctor, her background, and what she cares about. He thinks your non-personal engagements should know doctors that way, too.

Enter: AIM, Audience Identity Manger. When a doctor is opted into a specific tag and comes to a website, the brand can immediately learn – without a login – key information about that physician, including :

  • Name
  • NPI#
  • Specialty
  • State of residence

That can be matched and appended with brand data, including segmentation, target list, influencers/affiliations, Google data, etc. Brands can uncover unique insights like true digital lift studies and ad optimization. They can also power better interactions, like triggered emails and more informed rep visits.

What has surprised Reim is the unexpected insights they uncover, to:

#1 Who are you talking to: One rheumatology brand thought it had two physician targets. In reality, almost 50 different specialties were coming to their site and their top target was pretty far down the list:

#2 HCPs go consumer: Across the industry, there are more doctor eyes on brand.com sites than the HCP sites customized for them. Physicians and other prescribers are coming to the brand.com and never going to the HCP site.

#3 HCP site zombies?: A tiny fraction – under 5% — of traffic to the HCP sites are truly prescribers. The rest? Unknown, but Reim believes it’s a combination of bot traffic and consumers.

AIM tracks well over 1 million opted in prescriber devices attached to over 623,000 known HCPs, including:

  • 400,000 physicians
  • 117,000 NPs/Pas
  • 66,000 nurses