New medical research starts with worried search

Palo Alto, CA — A study published this month in JAMA shows how scientists can use our aggregated search engine queries to detect unreported prescription drug side effects and drug-drug interactions before they are found by the Food and Drug Administration’s warning…

Designing healthcare people want to keep

New York, NY — Join a brainstorm – any brainstorm – in this industry and you’ll hear at least one person say something like this: If people only knew (this critical piece of health information), I’m sure they’d change their…

Image of a hearse painted in a flowered print

Pfizer asked Boomers to change the world (again)

New York City, NY — As an industry, the worst is behind us. The patent cliff that we’ve been focused on since 2008 peaked last year with the expiration of patents for Lipitor, Zyprexa, Plavix, Seroquel, Lexapro, Singulair, and others….

Cleaner houses = better doctors?

San Francisco, CA – If we have a favorite idea shop out there, it’s got to be Jump. They were founded in 1998 by Dev Patnaik – a guy with a pretty powerful idea about where good ideas come from:…

A chair in a room with brick walls with bookshelves built into it

Forget mobile, the future may be furniture

Cambridge, MA — If there’s one person almost everyone in pharmaceutical marketing has met, it’s David Rose. He’s a researcher MIT’s media labs, but more importantly, he’s the inventor of Glow Caps, the smart medicine caps and packages that deliver ambient (and…

Experience starts with everyday objects

Columbus, OH — One of our favorite collaborators is Kelly Macaulay – she’s an architect of brand experience with GSW, but has also build social strategies with a top-five digital firm and pulled some serious heart strings at American Greetings….