Designing healthcare people want to keep

New York, NY — Join a brainstorm – any brainstorm – in this industry and you’ll hear at least one person say something like this:

If people only knew (this critical piece of health information), I’m sure they’d change their behavior.

Unfortunately it’s never that easy.

Despite the hero-esque monikers we might give them in the brainstorm – doctor, mom, nurse, patient, caregiver – they’re all just people, like us. People with busy lives, good intentions, a messy medicine cabinet and a past-due tetanus shot (although, seriously, you should get that updated.)

That messy medicine cabinet is one of biggest challenges for OTC brands. Their holy grail: find a way to convince you to stock up before you need the medication. It seems logical, right? Every year, you get the flu. Every year, you pull a coat on over your jammies, stuff your pockets with tissues, moan, and head out to the drug store to buy Nyquil, Chapstick, those tasty swiss cough drops and the last dented can of double noodle soup. Why not just have that stuff in the cabinet?

When logic, fear and discounts failed, one company tried a whole new tack: delight.

The Help Remedies line put the same old commoditized medicine cabinet products into containers that people just want to have. They inspire impulse buying, sharing, and – yes – stocking up.


Its integrated line design made cleaning up the medicine cabinet not only easy, but kind of wonderful.help2

The delight around the simple package experience has led to multiple expansions for the company, including a hotel exclusive in a saucy little package.

It looks like fitness bands will be the next to join the design revolution. According to Co.Design, Lunar will soon be launching bands that can actually be worn with a cocktail dress – instead of just a track suit!


Posted by: Leigh Householder