Experience starts with everyday objects

Columbus, OH — One of our favorite collaborators is Kelly Macaulay – she’s an architect of brand experience with GSW, but has also build social strategies with a top-five digital firm and pulled some serious heart strings at American Greetings.

She recently got the team together to check out the new short documentary by Bassett & Partners and Microsoft that explores how our lives and go-to tools will change as we become more and more connected. It features interviews with designers from Method, Twitter, Arduino, Frog, Stamen, Microsoft, and Nokia, all talking about how experience design has to change to open up the possibilities of what technology can do.

Connecting (Full Film) from Bassett & Partners on Vimeo.

It definitely gets a little pedantic at times – these are design snobs after all. But, there are a few lessons that are worth watching for:

  • Everything will have software in it. Not just iPads, but books. Not just refrigerators, but the packages of your food.


  •  We have to stop trying to recreate analog experiences in digital. Analog can be delightful, but when we force it into digital, it’s a cue that’s only used once
  • The expectations of experience are constantly changing and unpredictable. Our strategies and executions have to be fluid and flexible (look out med-legal!)
  • Today our phones demand too much attention – they pull away from real life
  • Experience design doesn’t start with the tools, it starts with people

The full film is 18 minutes long – perfect for enjoying over lunch.

Posted by: Leigh Householder